Monday, May 11, 2009

Fighting Recession Thru Teleteria

My husband and I are now unemployed. I used to work for a factory here in Michigan that closed down almost 2 years ago and my husband was laid off in August 2008. We have three small children. We were making payments on our house and falling behind. Our cars were in danger of be repossessed. And I wasn't far from having a nervous breakdown!

I had hit rock bottom with worry. How were we going to make ends meet? I started searching the itnernet left and right. My friend, Sherry, told me about her boyfriend's experience with Teleteria. My husband I like porn once in a while but to own my own website? Adult business? No way.

In September, we got another blow. Foreclosure! We moved into an apartment complex and it was then, in that 2 bedroom apartment that I decided I had to do something. It was up to me! My husband was bluer than blue and was useless. I picked up our phone and called the number on the Teleteria website I spoke with Jay Servidio. What a nice guy!

We spoke three times and he never once got aggravated with me! I knew I was investing what was most likely our last dime! I was nervous as hell and rather skittish. I went ahead and jumped in feet first.

I got a great looking site; Jay Servidio gave me help with marketing; and finally, support that I couldn't find anywhere else. I'm making enough money that our house is never going to be faced with foreclosure again. Owning my own adult site has been awesome. Our house has not only been caught up but we're nearing paying off what was once a 30 year mortage 15 years early!

I have to say it - thanks to Teleteria, work on my part and initiative - we're going to make it and our kids will not be wearing all hand me downs again! I'm a proud owner of a Teleteria designed adult site.